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    Fantastic company. Extremely hard working. Even braved the cold to make sure my roof was put up on time. They came highly recommended to me and now I know why. Quality work at a very fair price. Thanks guys!

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    When I called for quote for a complete re- roof of my home (as at the time it was almost 20yrs old) I received prompt and courteous service from John (the owner) for the quote ad well as any and all questions that I had about the job.
    After I had decided to use action roofing, as their quote was very competitive, I let john know and was given an approx window of when the work would take place. The afternoon before, I received a phone call, letting me know that the crew would be showing up the next morning.
    The 3 person crew showed up the next morning, were very professional, worked efficiently, and had the old roof completely torn off before lunch, and the new roof put on by the end of the day. They even put " water guides" on the roof to guide rain water towards my gutters instead of off the front edge of the new roof, which were never there before.
    All in all I am very impressed with the level of professionalism and curtious service of this company, I would definitely use them again.

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    We were looking for the right roofing contractors to do our roof and right pricing. We called Action Roofing and we were given a quote right away, Staff is very efficient and highly trained. They delivered the right materials and quality workmanship. We highly recommend to our friends and family.

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    I have had a leaking roof for a little while now, and finally had to have it repaired when it started to leak inside the master bedroom near the computer system that is stored there. Before this, there was just a small leak in the walk-in closet, and it was nothing serious, just a water bucket to capture the drips that fell whenever it started to rain and continued until it stopped. I was hoping the replacement would not have to be undertaken until the summer, but that was not to be.

    A friend of mine recommended John at Action Roofing to me; John had recently completed a small retirement community in Mission, BC and had replaced the roofs on all the units for a very reasonable price which also included some minor repairs where necessary. I gave John a call and booked an appointment for him to come by my residence and give me a quote to have the roof replaced, which was tar and gravel at the time.

    John showed up on time, to the minute, and proceeded to exam the roof and all its counterparts to let me know what would be required to have the roof replaced, and how he would go about disposing of the old materials correctly and safely, making sure the underlayment was acceptable, the fascia was in good shape, the soffit was passable, and the protection that I and the house would have in case of an accident. John and I discussed the problem of the leaking near the skylight into the closet in the master bedroom, the attempts that were made for the problem to be corrected, the leaking at the fascia along the roof line onto the rear deck and the front sidewalk, and a few other issues. I was assured the once the new roof was in place all the concerns raised in the consultation would be addressed and resolved to my satisfaction, guaranteed.

    After the arrangements and the quote was given, John and his crew showed up at the exact time agreed upon and started to remove the old roof. Within hours, the old roof was gone, placed into a trailer that was then taken to the proper facilities for disposal, a crane truck showed up with the new materials, and the waterproof membrane was in place that afternoon. The next day the torch-on was started, and a large percentage of the roof was covered that day and by the morning of the third day it was completed. The crew completed the installation of the new roof by replacing the underlayment where necessary due to water damage, upgrading the skylight foundation, replacing the inadequate ventilation of the attic with new turbine ventilators, replacing the old downspouts with new brass fittings, replacing the fascia capping to match the roof, and relocating one of the downspouts because of the inconvenient location over the front door. The crew also cleaned up the work and surrounding area by removing the debris left from the removal of the old roof, the installation of the new roof, swept the walkway, swept the driveway, and ensured there were no nails or scraps of wood hiding in the front lawn.

    Again, I am very impressed with the quality of the workmanship of John Turcotte and his crew, the professionalism shown, the attitude of the crew, the safety John and the crew also undertook to ensure the workplace was safe for his customer and the crew, and the respect shown to ensure that the agreement between the customer and the contractor was upheld to the highest degree to ensure the customer was happy.

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    I have recently had my entire roof replaced by Action Roofing Ltd. in Mission . I was very pleased with the entire experience. The workmanship and quality of the materials used was top notch and the job was completed on time and on budget. The workers were courteous and polite and they kept my yard and driveway clean and safe. I would highly recommend this roofing company.